District Sports Day Track Finals

Date posted: July 4, 2016

District Sports 2016…Day Two… ‘Track Events’

Congratulations to our Key Stage 2 District Sports squad who competed over two weeks against sixteen St Albans schools of a similar size. Children in Year 3-6 were chosen to represent their school following trials in sprint, relay and long distance track events and high jump, long jump and throw field events. 15 children participated last Tuesday and 24 children participated yesterday. From the field events last week, the boys squad went to the track events with 16 points putting them in second place overall. The girl’s squad went forward in joint fifth place with 13 points.

Today’s track events saw Lucas Manning sprint to success in the 600m long distance race coming in 1st place! The 600m is a Year 6 only event and Hannah Barker represented the Abbey girls and did a sterling job finishing 3rd. 600m is a lap and a half of the track at Westminster Lodge athletics track!

At the end of the two day event, the boys squad were delighted to finish in second place overall with the second highest total points from the two days of track and field events! All of our children did their very best and showed exceptional sportsmanship to their competitors as well as towards their squad.

Well done to our athletes in Year 6: Jemima Samols, Oliver Chow, Iorwen Ellis, Max Manning, Lucas Manning, Christy Shaw, Helena Young, Hannah Barker and Claire Granier. Well done to our athletes in Year 5: Fraser Hauser, Amandine Geurts, Sai Fisher, Ollie Arnold, Hannah Read, Charlie Robinson and Ollie Colman. Our Year 5 and 6 boys won their relay heat last week for the 4 x 100m. Well done to Lucas Manning, Max Manning, Ollie Colman and Charlie Robinson who came 5th overall in the final race this week. In the 100m sprint Year 6 Oliver Chow and Year 5 Sai Fisher and Hannah Read all came first or second in the their heats and went through to the final, finishing in either 5th or 7th position over all.

Well done to our athletes in Year 4: Shannon Ryan, Seren Weaver, Henry Johnston and Finn Ball. Well done to our athletes in Year 3: Peggy Cartwright, Alice Strike, Henry Ball and Robert Johnson. In the Year 3 70m sprint Peggy Cartwright and Alice Strike came first or second in their heat and Alice came in second place over all with Peggy closely following in 3rd place.

Well done children!

Emma Fenn