Altar Cloth

The whole school community had great fun creating our new altar cloth with Father Richard earlier in the term. The altar cloth, which comprises of painted hand prints from every child and member of staff in the school, will be used in our daily acts of whole school worship and will travel with us to The Abbey for our termly Eucharist services. Our Year 6 children enjoyed helping their Reception ‘Special Friend’ with the activity and placed their prints side by side. The altar cloth represents every member of the school community coming together, being one.

The altar cloth made its first appearance at The Abbey at our Harvest service on the Thursday 27th September in The Crossing at 9.15am.

“One day our school made an altercloth for the Abbey. Straight away year 6 were called down to the hall to help the reception class. One by one each Year 6 special friend and their reception class friend went to the paint table and placed their hands in the paint. My special friend, Chloe, said I should do my hand print orange, so I did. Once the reception child had pressed their hands in the chosen paint, they layed thier hands on the white cloth, imprinting it forever. Overall it was a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed it”. Christopher, Year 6