Ambassadors of Faith

On Friday 28th February the AbbeySchool hosted 6th form “Ambassadors of Faith”, who shared experiences of their faiths with our children.  We were fortunate to have students from Buddhism, Islam and Hinduism talk to Keys Stage 2 about not only how they practice their religion, but what faith means to them.  This was a lovely opportunity for Year 12 and 13 children from Redbridge to speak confidently and honestly about how they practice their religion in today’s modern society.  This is the first event of this kind to be held in Hertfordshire, and we were delighted to have been asked to take part.

I think that the Religious Ambassadors of Faith helped us with our R.E. lessons about Buddhism and also taught us so much about being a Muslim, which will help me in secondary school.  I think it has really pushed my learning on, because I am doing better in my R.E. lessons already.  I leant that the Tripitaka (the Buddhists holy book) is split into three parts” Jonathan Snelling, Year 6.

“I thought that the Religious Ambassadors of Faith were very faithful and believed a lot about their faith.  They knew lots about their faiths and were very clever.  They had obviously put a lot of hard work into their presentations and taught us words that we hadn’t heard before, such as Tipitaka.  They remembered many things that had happened to them, as well as the things that they had learnt.  They deserved to be Religious Ambassadors of Faith.”  Freddie-Pazzi-Axworthy, Year 6.