Start date
End date
Year group
*Lindees Breakfast ClubPractical Room5th Sept21st DecMonday-Friday7.45-8.55amR,1,2,3,4,5 and 6Y
*Lindees After School ClubPractical Room5th Sept20th DecMonday-Friday3.20-5.20pmR,1,2,3,4,5 and 6Y
Latin SecundusYear 5 Class1st Oct3rd DecMonday12.30-1pm5,6 and experienced year 4N
(Mrs Loan)
KS2 Choir –Mrs BakerHall17th Sept10th DecMondayBreak-time4,5 and 6N
(Yr 3 from 15th Oct)
Orchestra –Mrs BakerHall10th Sept10th DecMonday3.30-4.30pmGrade 1 onwardsY
Football’s Future KS1Field10th Sept10th DecMonday3.30-4.30pm1 and 2Y
Latin MinimusYear 6 Class2nd Oct4th DecTuesday12.05-12.303 and 4 and beginners in 5/6N
(Ms Palma)
KS2 multisport – just turn upPlayground18th Sept11th DecTuesday12.05-12.30pm5 and 6 or squad trainingN
(Mr Morgan)
*Football’s Future KS2Field11th Sept11th DecTuesday3.30-4.30pm3,4,5 and 6Y
Infant Photo ClubReception26th Sep17th OctWednesday3.20-4.00pm1 and 2Y
(1st half term)
Infant Puzzle and Board Game ClubYear 1 Class7th Nov5th DecWednesday3.20-4.00pm1 and 2Y
(2nd half term)
KS2 Recorders –Practical Room13th Sept6th DecThursdayLunchtime3,4,5 and 6Y
Mrs Price
*Cheer and Dance XLR8Hall13th Sept6th DecThursday3.30-4.30pm1,2,3,4,5 and 6Y
Year 2 multisport – just turn upPlayground14th Sept7th DecFriday12.05-12.30pm2N
(Mr Morgan)
**NetballKS2 playground/14th Sept14th DecFriday3.30-4.30pm5 and 6 girlsY
(Kerri Cockerell)Hall
Imagineering atSt Albans School14th Sept7th DecFriday3.35-4.35pm5 and 6Y
St Albans School