Extreme Weather Conditions

Extreme Weather Conditions

Winter can present unpredictable weather conditions, our large and complex school site can make the start of the day difficult in ensuring the school is not only open but safe for children, parents and staff. On days when we experience snow and icy conditions the school will always endeavour to clear pedestrian walkways to the school building.

If the conditions are severe, the entire school site may not be cleared in time for 8.45am. On these occasions we will ensure that the pedestrian walkways to the front door of school via the pedestrian gate at Grove Road and the pedestrian gate at Lady Spencer Grove are clear for the start of the day.

With a split level site we cannot always guarantee that the pathway from the Abbey Orchard gate is safely cleared in time, as parents and children walk across two playgrounds and it encompasses many flights of steps. Health and safety is always a priority and our flights of stairs could prove dangerous in adverse conditions. I hope you can understand that we have parents and children’s safety in mind at all times if we do not open all three entrances to school. On such days, any assistance from parents is much appreciated, even from 7am or 8.45am.

To help you plan your journey to and from school on snowy and icy days it is best to rely on the clear access points of Grove Road and Lady Spencer Grove. Thank you for your continued support and understanding as we try to provide a safe learning environment for your children.

Hertfordshire County Council’s School Closure Notification system

In the event of severe weather, a public emergency or unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary for a school to close or partially close.  Hertfordshire County Council has changed their School Closure Notification system.

In order to ensure parents and guardians are informed as quickly as possible of anything that may have an impact on a normal school day, this new notification system has been put in place to enable messages from schools to be sent immediately via text message and email.

Parents must sign up to the new system in order to access the immediate updates. Please click on the following link and then click on ‘sign up’ in the top right corner:

Please take 5 minutes to register your details for any Hertfordshire school your child attends so that you can receive immediate information and updates.

Each contact within the system can have 2 devices added for each communication type if they wish to – this means that in addition to adding your own mobile number and email address, you could include the mobile number and email address of a partner or a grandparent in your registration process. They too would then receive any messages in relation to the school’s closure.

If you have children at more than one school you can register for those schools too in a single registration process by selecting all schools at which you have children. Once signed up you will receive messages relating to the status of your child’s school