Music is a big part of life at the Abbey School! 

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To view our long terms plans for the tuition of music to all children in the school please click on the link below


Each year group works on a series of topics/themes throughout the year, as well as preparing for performances.  Reception children are taught Music as part of the Foundation curriculum, by their class teacher.  In addition, the infants and juniors have a half hour singing assembly/hymn practice each every week (separately).  In the infants we work on pitch accuracy and full participation, in the juniors we work on harmony and independence as well.  There is singing in every assembly in the hall, as well as in the Lady Chapel assembly at the Cathedral every Thursday.  We have a rota of parent and grandparent organists!

We have a listening scheme on a three year rolling programme of Programme Music, Concertos and Overtures.  The children are given a variety of info about composers, instruments and style.  They listen at the start and end of some assemblies and in music lessons.

Year three have free recorder tuition in half class groups.  We also use recorders in class music in year 4, 5 and 6 occasionally and at Christmas.  All children also learn to play the glockenspiel at a basic level, and untuned percussion, in class music lessons.  Older children also use their own instruments in class music – e.g. for improvisation or working out tunes.


The infants put on a Christmas production, which means lots of singing work in the second half of the Autumn term.  The school carol service is a major event in the school year, all juniors sing descants, all juniors play the recorder and year 6 play glockenspiels too.  All the juniors work on a summer musical production in the second half of the summer term, and many year 6s will take solo singing roles.  There is a summer concert at which groups such as choir and orchestra perform, as well as soloists invited from the most advanced players in year 6.  The school band performs at the summer fair.


The Abbey School has been awarded the prestigious  Platinum Singing School status by Sing Up – there is a plaque in the entrance hall.

Since it began in 2012 we have had numerous entries in the St Albans Young Musicians competition every year and several of our soloists and ensembles have been finalists.  Our School Choir, Orchestra and a String Quartet with clarinet have been winners!  in 2014 one of our year 4 pupils won the Primary Solo Section.  In 2015 our School Choir were winners for the second time! 

We have also taken groups to the Regional Festival of Music for Youth – our Choir, Orchestra and Recorder Ensemble.  in 2013 the Orchestra was selected to perform at Birmingham Symphony Hall in the National Festival of Music for Youth.

In 2007, 8 and 9 the Maltings Shopping Centre held a carol writing competition.  The Abbey School were the winners on all three occasions – you can see our professionally recorded CDs and presentation frames in the school entrance hall!


The school takes part in a twinning programme with the St Albans Evening Rehearsal Orchestra.  Some of their members come to help in our orchestra rehearsals, and once a year we have joint workshops with the adults.

Orchestra, Recorders and Choir members are given colourful badges which help to give music activities status in the school.  We also have two Music Captains who take on various responsibilities assisting with organisation and administration of instruments and players.

We have a number of Cathedral Choristers in both the Abbey Girls Choir and the Cathedral Choir.  Those interested in joining should contact