Year 6 Roles of Responsibility

Year 6 children are encourage to take on roles of responsibility within the school such as
Music Captain posts, Buddy roles, Librarians, Music Monitors and Sports Bronze Ambassadors and.

The Bronze Ambassadors work closely with Mrs Cole, PE Coordinator, to plan various sporting events for Reception – Year 6 each term. The Sports Leaders and Bronze Ambassadors then work with the sports staff and children throughout the school to implement the activities.

All Year 6 children have the additional responsibility of being a ‘Special Friend’ to a Reception child, manning the School Office in pairs during lunchtimes with a member of admin staff and taking turns reading the Bible verse in the Lady Chapel on a Thursday in our Collective Worship.

Year 6 Music Captains
Poppy Hewitt
Pippa Samols
Johnny Walker
Playground Buddies
Aimee Benson
Evie Rosewell
Larissa Subakaran
Johnnyy Walker
Year 6 Librarians
Ellie Hinkins
Alice Ling
Pippa Samols
Johnny Walker
Theera Senthilkumar Gandhimathi